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Specifically formulated by South African engineers and applicators for the diverse climates of South Africa. We have produced a product that is versatile, eco-friendly, super strong yet affordable and easy to use.

Verf5’s Multi-Proof coating is a strong coat that can be used on roofs as well as on most outdoor AND indoor surfaces.
The best combination of quality and value for domestic and industrial construction and improvement projects.
Our paint comes in 10 standard colours, but colours can also be customised to your specification.
UV resistant pigments and watertight formulation for tough roof coating with superior longevity.

Product Properties

APEO Free | Green technology
Adhesion promoted (Adheres to low energy substrates e.g., Chromodec)
Low VOC | In line with green technology
Pure acrylic system | Better UV resistance
Long lasting and durable
UV stable | No fading
Totally seamless
Flexible | Good expansion and contraction
Easy to apply | All products can be applied by roller, spray or brush
Attractive | Velvet matt finish | Available in a variety of modern colours

our product range

Verf5 Multi-proof coating is a thick, high quality water-based water proofing roof paint or waterproofing paint with excellent flexibility, adhesion and UV protective properties.

Verf5’s Multi-proof high quality roof coating is the strongest coat you can find. It can be used on all roofs as well as on any outdoor AND indoor surfaces.
This is the best combination of quality and value for domestic and industrial construction and improvement projects.

Multi-Proof waterproofer is used for coating new and existing roof surfaces. It can also be used in other areas effected by water or damp e.g., Retaining walls and boundary walls.
It is ideal for waterproofing IBR, Corrugated, cement and tiled roofs as well as flashings and any related roofing applications
It can be used for interior and exterior coatings
Works best hand in hand with the APC – Masonry Primer on highly effected moist/damp areas for optimum performance.

Our paint comes in ten standard colours, but we can also customise to your specification. The most important reason to use Multi-proof roof coating are our UV resistant pigments and watertight water-based (Eco Friendly) formulation. The result is a tough roof coating with superior longevity!

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Insulate with Cool Heat, IR and UV Reflective Paint

Verf5’s Cool is a high quality and affordable solution for reducing ambient temperatures in built structures significantly.

It can reduce surface temperature with up to 50% and contains titanium oxide, which is completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Cool is water-based and quick drying and available in white.

Cooler | Greener | Energy saving | For Harsh Climates | Formulated by South Africans, for South Africans

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Rubberguard is a DIY-based rubberised coating that can be brushed on or sprayed onto surfaces. it is available in a smooth paint or containing recycled rubber chips.

Rubberguard is ideal for waterproofing roofs and walls, fixing cracking walls and floors and even respraying tartan surfaces such as athletic tracks and hockey fields.

For spray-on applications, use a regular stone chip gun. Ensure your air compressor operates at a consistent 4.5 bar pressure.

  • Rubberised lining of utility vehicles, bakkies, trucks and trailers
  • Caravan wheel arch chip protection
  • Non-slip coating for stairs, walkways, and other flooring
  • Equestrian, golfing, and school walkway coatings
  • Marine, boating and jetty non-slip applications
  • Children’s play area floor coatings
  • Sports practice courts e.g., tennis, netball, and indoor soccer
  • Metal staircase and walkway non-slip coating
  • Wheelchair access ramps

It is available in the colour of your choice.

Rubberguard works well in combination with Fibastrip.

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Seal or join surfaces with Fibastrip and Butylseal

A permanent sealing solution for slate, cement, galvanized iron and more.

A butyl based, tacky and flexible self-adhesive sealing tape that adheres to all metals, glass, plastics, concrete, and porous surfaces. It is the quickest, most hassle-free solution we have found in the market because it ensures instant water-tight bonds for optimum sealing.

This butyl rubber-based tape’s uses are limited only by the boundaries of your imagination.

Fibastrip adds a fibre backing to the butyl tape to add strength. Use Fibastrip to mend your broken roof tiles before you apply Multi-Proof roof waterproof paint to your roof. Use it to effortlessly join or seal any surface, around skylights, chimneys, extractors, etc.

Fibastrip and Butylseal are used extensively in construction, roofing, and waterproofing industries, but also in the automotive and air-conditioning industries, because it boasts, in addition to its lasting waterproofing properties, also excellent anti-vibration properties! It is ideal for repairing and sealing leaks on most roof types.

Supplied in rolls of 15m, available in three widths: 30mm; 50mm; 70mm.

Fibrastrip is the best combination of quality and affordability for domestic and industrial markets.

Verf5 are the sole distributors of Fibastrip in the Western Cape.

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