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Some awesome work done on sportsgrounds with Verf5’s Rubberguard.


Some awesome work done with Verf5’s Rubberguard.

Balcony Waterproofing

Balcony sealed and waterproofed. Products used were our prima primer and multiproof to seal.
Mixed according to clients colour specification to serve as a final coat.

Equestrian Centre

Affordable, durable and easy to maintain non slip coating for equestrian boxes, trailers and walkways.

Exterior Paint Colour Selection

Beautify and Protect Exteriors with Multi-proof wall coatings

Interior Paint Colours Selection

Choose from our range of vibrant interior paint colours

Protect with Rubberguard

A DIY water-based rubberized coating

Creating a waterproofed roof

This roof an an existing home is resurfaced with our product in the colour of choice of its owner, ready for the summer rains.
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