Beautify & Protect Exteriors with Multi-proof Exterior Wall Coatings

By Susan Buchner
Published on 8 June 2021
Exterior Walls

Get rid of fine cracks in boundary and exterior walls!

Remember to ask us for expert advice on primers and sealing products.

Rainy Grey
Rainy Grey is perfect to create dimension and accentuate the relief of a building, window sills, door frames or gutters

Beigy Bay
Beigy Bay is a color that contrasts well with other earthy tones as well as white.

Tapioca Sunshine
Tapioca Sunshine gives your home a fresh look that blends well with it’s surroundings.

Burnie Beige
Burnie Beige. Earth, water and mountains are one with this earthy tint

Concrete Jungle
Concrete Jungle defines the name and blends in to create peace with nature.

Leather Strap
Leather Strap. A bold colour, a statement of fact. Here lives someone of fortitude

WP White
WP White. A Multipurpose paint that works as well on window frames as fascia’s. Its brilliant white appearance accentuates any structure classically.

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